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Questions about Dental Implants You Should Ask Your Periodontist

Losing teeth is a dreadful experience, especially if the teeth in question are incisors or canines, which are visible when you talk or smile. Thankfully, missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants. These are permanent dentures that consist not just of prosthetic crowns but also of artificial roots to restore both the beauty and function of the teeth. If you are looking to have a dental implant soon, here are some of the questions you should ask your periodontist.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small “titanium peg” that comes in various sizes to fit into a tooth socket to replace a failed tooth. Qualified periodontists recommend dental implants because they provide a permanent solution to tooth loss. Unlike removable dentures, the artificial crowns that come with dental implants are permanently bolted in place, making them strong and natural-looking.

Which among the different types of implant is best?

There are lots of different dental implants on the Australian market. Some of them are excellent with very good research, while others are of poor quality. Those who are considering dental implants need to do an in-depth research so they will get first-rate devices recommended by the country’s leading dental surgeons.

Foundation Dental Service is one of the most experienced providers of dental implants Brisbane has, and they promote and use dental implants made of trusted and well-documented materials, particularly the well-regarded Swiss implant system by Straumann, a company dedicated to innovating and manufacturing dental implants. We’ve been using their products for more than 20 years and have successfully helped well over 4000 patients reclaim their lost smiles.

Who can place dental implants?

With so many dental practices out there, it can be quite a challenge to find the one that you can trust your family’s dental health to, particularly when it comes to dental implant placement. Literally any dentist can claim to be qualified to place implants, but not all dentists have the same training or experience.

Surgeons who will take care of you must be registered dental specialists. They must have completed the training and examinations within the field of dental implants required by law to obtain the title “dental specialist”. They handle every case carefully using the latest 3D scan technology, which helps make the surgery straightforward and efficient. This in turn enables them to place implants on patients under local anaesthetics, much like the anaesthetics required for simpler procedures such as filling. Usually, as a patient, you can go back about your normal routine within a short time after the procedure.

Are they expensive?

The cost of dental implants as well as the placement vary widely among dental practices. That’s because dental implants come in a range of quality, and superior products tend to cost more. Also, the expertise of the dental surgeon is factored in the final cost of the procedure.

Why are more adults turning to orthodontic treatments?

  • “Aww, you look so cute with braces on!”This is one comment which most kids with braces get to hear in their childhood days. And no matter how much they hate to put on those braces, they actually go on hearing this compliment till the time they get off!But did you know, that it’s no longer only kids who put on braces – the adults are in for it too! Around 1/3rd of the total population opting for orthodontic treatment comprises of adults. Now, what exactly has made these adults revert to orthodontics at this age? Let’s have a look at the reasons:orthodontic
    1. The structure and shape of teeth can change at any age:
      It is entirely natural for your teeth to shift at any age, and this movement not restricted to childhood itself. And many times, such shifting may cause injuries, affect oral health or add an imperfect angle to the smile – this makes adults go in for orthodontic treatments to get their perfect smiles back again.
    2. Great for oral health:
      A straight and systematic set of teeth are anytime better to keep clean and maintain over a set of crooked overcrowded teeth. And this happens to be a significant reason why people opt for braces even after becoming adults.
    3. Improving self-confidence:
      A lot of people associate their self-esteem with the way they look. Their appearance is what fuels their confidence and a smile is, of course, an essential and integral part of this appearance. A perfect smile is what they long for, and they don’t hesitate to go in for treatments at any age to get that perfect smile that can dazzle their way to confidence!
    4. Affordability factor:
      No longer is getting braces a big, expensive deal – numerous innovations and developments have led to the availability of cheap orthodontic treatment too. And if you can afford it, why not go for it?
      This is what the adults do! If they were not able to afford orthodontic treatment due to financial conditions when they were younger, they are now entirely ready for it, and can even afford it!
    5. Relapse of orthodontic procedures:
      Many times, orthodontic treatments during younger years of life relapse, forcing these adults to go for it again – and they don’t care at what age it is – they just want their perfect smile as it is again!

Emotional Dentistry:

Your first reaction on reading these two completely vague, unrelated terms put together is sure to be, “Are you kidding me?” And your response is completely justified, and to be frank, I reacted in the same manner. But people, this is happening! Dentists have now started looking into the ‘emotional’ aspect of dentistry and are trying to bring both these factors – emotions and dentistry together by linking them with the many common threads they have.


You must be wondering how are they making this possible? A lot of effort has been put into using digital technology to establish this firm link. Emotional dentistry is the newest, trending and revolutionary aspect of dental science and it definitely proves that dentists are willing to go beyond for the satisfaction of their clients.

A technology called Digital Smile Design is now widely being practiced around the world. This technology is what has brought the concept of emotional dentistry into reality. Let’s just take a look at what exactly is done in the Digital Smile Design technology.

First of all, the aesthetic details of the client’s facial structure are taken into consideration. These facial features are then analyzed and a perfect smile, one that suits the clients features aptly is designed. This smile is what actually fits in the client’s face, just like a missing piece in a jigsaw puzzle. And the not only is this restricted to fitting in but also to accentuate the entire face structure of the client. These designed perfect smiles bring out the true personalities of clients, giving them immense emotional satisfaction, that is of course, coupled with a doubled sense of confidence.

Designing the perfect smile is no easy task – a thorough study of the shape, size of the teeth, the gap between them, gums, irregularities, defects making the smile imperfect along with a host of other factors are made. These details are then transferred into a 3D imaging software, the results of which are worked upon by a team of dentists. These dentists observe, analyze, understand the client’s facial features and structure and this is then matched with the results generated from the software. After this, that one perfect smile is zeroed down upon!

The credit of coming up with that perfect, dazzling smile sure goes to these dentists, all of whom have specializations in different aspects of dentistry. And of course, the satisfaction which the client ends up with is indeed unmatchable, making ‘emotional dentistry’ a wonderful concept.

Dental care Tips:

We take our set of pearly whites for granted! But just give it a thought, what would life be without them? Tasteless, for sure! And it may even leave you with a toothless smile down the years to go. And added to all this is the money you’d spend at the dentist. Instead of putting yourself through all of this, why not just revert to taking care of them and giving them the attention they deserve? Well, we’re giving you a few tips which you can convert into your dental care regime:


  1. Use a fluoride toothpaste:
    The toothpaste you use is very important when it comes to dental care and hygiene. So always use fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride has immense properties to strengthen the enamel of your teeth, and durable enamel means healthy teeth! Go for it!
  2. Brush and floss twice daily:
    Your parents must have forced this rule upon you since childhood, and if it has become a habit by now, you need to thank them! Studies have shown that those who brush twice have healthier teeth than those who don’t. You got to make a choice here – brush and floss twice, no matter how sleepy or tired you are.
  3. Keep aside 4 minutes for brushing:
    It’s the first thing we do when we wake up, and it’s always in a hurry. And this means compromising on the time you’re giving to your teeth. Set aside only 4 minutes for brushing every day, and use those four minutes properly to brush your teeth thoroughly.
  4. Get your daily dosage of Calcium and Vitamin D:
    Teeth essentially comprise of Calcium, and you need to make sure they get enough of it. Include foods rich in Calcium in your diet. Also, you need to focus on acquiring vitamin D too, as it is the only vitamin which helps in better absorption of calcium in the body.
  5. Use your teeth only for chewing:
    Your teeth were not conditioned to be nutcrackers or bottle openers – so don’t put them through that trauma, unless you want to end up with a possible chipped or broken tooth! They’re meant for chewing, use them rightly!
  6. Drink plenty of water:
    Drinking lots of water leads to the production of saliva which is essential for the health of your teeth. And make sure you opt for plain water and not sugary soft drinks, they’ll end up damaging your teeth all the more. Water is the best.

There you go – 6 ways to take care of your perfect pearly whites!

Cosmetic Dentistry – Newest Trends

The world around is so obsessed with beauty that they want every feature of their body to be just perfect – even if that means going under the knife! With so many new cosmetic enhancement options available out there, the dentistry field is not staying behind – they have come up with their own version of ‘cosmetic dentistry’ which caters to every possible thing to help you get that perfect, dazzling and confident smile you always longed for! So, ready to look into what cosmetic dentistry offers? Let’s go:


Porcelain Veneers:
This is one miraculous way of transforming your damaged teeth into perfect pearly whites. The dental industry has developed porcelain veneers, and indeed, it is a wonderful development they have come up with. There are tonnes of people out there who have had their damaged, broken, misaligned, chipped teeth replaced. These veneers are of great help when it comes to closing gaps between teeth too. Some even go in for complete restoration, which means replacing every tooth with a porcelain veneer to get that perfect smile!

Bleaching products:
You no longer need a dentist’s appointment to get the shine and color of your teeth back again. Tonnes of products, gels, whitening strips are now readily available in the market, usage of which will give you pearly whites in the comfort of your home. Light up the world with your dazzling smile!

Smile Makeovers:
If you aren’t happy with your smile, they’ve even got an option for entirely redoing your smile! A lot of analysis and understanding of the client’s facial features and structure goes into this, after which a perfect smile, one that will suit the client’s face and accentuate it is chosen. The entire smile is redone, giving client’s the smile of their dreams!

Usage of body-friendly materials:
While the traditional metal braces still exist, dentists have gone a step ahead to come up with biocompatible materials that not only coexist with the body but are invisible too! Many people hesitate to get braces because they are very obvious, and the dental industry took note of this hesitation and developed products which won’t affect the client’s confidence, will help them carry on with their lives as usual and give them a charming smile they longed for!

So there you go – the dentists are up and ready with all; kinds of new techniques to help you get closer to your dream smile!

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