Emotional Dentistry:

Your first reaction on reading these two completely vague, unrelated terms put together is sure to be, “Are you kidding me?” And your response is completely justified, and to be frank, I reacted in the same manner. But people, this is happening! Dentists have now started looking into the ‘emotional’ aspect of dentistry and are trying to bring both these factors – emotions and dentistry together by linking them with the many common threads they have.


You must be wondering how are they making this possible? A lot of effort has been put into using digital technology to establish this firm link. Emotional dentistry is the newest, trending and revolutionary aspect of dental science and it definitely proves that dentists are willing to go beyond for the satisfaction of their clients.

A technology called Digital Smile Design is now widely being practiced around the world. This technology is what has brought the concept of emotional dentistry into reality. Let’s just take a look at what exactly is done in the Digital Smile Design technology.

First of all, the aesthetic details of the client’s facial structure are taken into consideration. These facial features are then analyzed and a perfect smile, one that suits the clients features aptly is designed. This smile is what actually fits in the client’s face, just like a missing piece in a jigsaw puzzle. And the not only is this restricted to fitting in but also to accentuate the entire face structure of the client. These designed perfect smiles bring out the true personalities of clients, giving them immense emotional satisfaction, that is of course, coupled with a doubled sense of confidence.

Designing the perfect smile is no easy task – a thorough study of the shape, size of the teeth, the gap between them, gums, irregularities, defects making the smile imperfect along with a host of other factors are made. These details are then transferred into a 3D imaging software, the results of which are worked upon by a team of dentists. These dentists observe, analyze, understand the client’s facial features and structure and this is then matched with the results generated from the software. After this, that one perfect smile is zeroed down upon!

The credit of coming up with that perfect, dazzling smile sure goes to these dentists, all of whom have specializations in different aspects of dentistry. And of course, the satisfaction which the client ends up with is indeed unmatchable, making ‘emotional dentistry’ a wonderful concept.